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SEO Packages

In general, There are two types of Search engine optimization packages in Malaysia :

1. Pay-per-keyword-appear : The clients pay certain fee for every keyword appear on top 10. The more keywords appear, the clients have to pay more.

2. Guarantee keyword appear: The clients pay a fix price for a list of keywords and the SEO provider guarantee minimum keywords will appear on top 10. If the keywords exceed minimum guarantee quota, then the extra keywords appear on top 10 usually are considered as bonus to the clients.


We offer BOTH to suit different client needs and our package fee are :

1. Pay-per-keyword-appear  :  RM 90 to RM 150 per keywords per month, depends on the popularity of the keywords.

2. Guarantee keyword appear :  RM 4,000 to to RM 6,000 per package, depends on the popularity of the keywords.

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