SEO for popular search keywords in Malaysia

The Popular search keywords in Malaysia

For those who are in SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click , Adwords) industry, they should know that one of the most popular and competitive industry is Hotel industry. I have done SEO for some hotels in Malaysia, some are 3 stars , 4 stars or even 5 stars. I could say that doing SEO for hotel is not an easy task, especially for the late comer, it is hard to compete with the established hotels’ website. Further more, you have to compete with other online booking portal such as or

Anyway, i am still able to rank for my clients for some competitive keywords, such as “Hotel Port Dickson” or “Hotel Kuala Lumpur”. Don’t know how popular and competitive are the keywords ? See the figure from the Google Keywords Tools below :


The keywords “Hotel Kuala Lumpur” got 2,900 local search per month and “hotel Port Dickson” got 4,400 local search per month. More importantly, the average CPC (cost per click) for these 2 keywords are very expensive! (RM 6.77 and RM 3.35 respectively ) . So you know how popular and how competitive these keywords are.

And my SEO job is not finished here. I am also help them to rank “Port Dickson” and “Sungai Petani” these “location name” keyword in both and, and surprisingly , it even ranks higher than (for the keyword “Port Dickson” in,  and (for the keyword “sungai petani” in ) Wow !

Want to know who are they ? Well, if you do some checking on the keywords above , you should find out who they are 🙂