Outsource SEO vs Inhouse SEO Malaysia

In-house SEO or outsource SEO ? Actually this question is similar to “in-house web design or outsource web design better? “ or “in house programmer or outsource programming better ?” . There is no a certain answer. It really depends on your human resource, corporate budget and most importantly, corporate business strategy.

Even if you have human resource, corporate budget , it doesn’t mean that you must setup in-house SEO department. As I say the most important part is corporate business strategy, ask yourself few questions :

1. Does my business focus more on on-line channel rather than traditional channel ?

2. Does online business generate a big portion of sales ?

3. Is online branding very important to us ?

4. Do I have the knowledge to oversee the performance of the in-house SEO ?

5. Will I expend to overseas and will I create local websites to suit local needs ?

If your answer is “Yes” , then you have good reasons to hire in-house SEO. In Malaysia, there are some well-known online companies such as Jobstreet has its own SEO team to optimize the whole jobstreet website as well as its other country-based websites.

However, the ideal way is in-house SEO + external SEO consultation, so that the in-house SEO team can learn the different approach and knowledge of the external SEO consultant. As far as I concern, In Malaysia there are many companies started to do this, such as Mobile88.com , Fingertech.com and more.

So, I will expect that in year 2013-2015, the demand for SEO consultation for corporate in-house SEO team will raise in Malaysia.


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