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Google Malaysia was Hacked

Google Malaysia was hacked When I tried to access to Google.com.my this evening, I found it is inaccessible. Firstly i thought it maybe due to Thunderstorms across the state this afternoon, many places were reported flooding and traffic is horribly

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SEO for popular search keywords in Malaysia

Doing SEO for popular and competitive keywords in Malaysia – The hotel industry is not easy task, but I still can make it !

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Guaranteed SEO in Malaysia

Guaranteed SEO in Malaysia , possible ? In many developed countries, it is a common practise that provide money back guarantee to protect consumer’s interest. For example, New Zealand has a “Consumer Guarantee Act” . Under this Act, the consumer

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Event Company Malaysia

Event Company Malaysia Miles Stone Production Pte Ltd is a leading event management company in Malaysia. Milestone is committed to working along side each client, large or small, to ensure a successful and memorable event conference. As a one-stop event

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Outsource SEO vs Inhouse SEO Malaysia

In-house SEO or outsource SEO ? Actually this question is similar to “in-house web design or outsource web design better? “ or “in house programmer or outsource programming better ?” . There is no a certain answer. It really depends

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